Welcome to the website of Martin Pastoors Fish & Fisheries / Facts and Figures. With my background in data collection (especially together with practitioners), data analysis, fish stock assessment, simulations, visualization and communication of results, I am ready to help out and advise on projects that you may have with regards to collaborative research, analysis and/or advice.

I am looking for opportunities to work with different types of fisheries or research organizations on developing tools to efficiently collect data, turn that into information and utilize that information to improve our understanding of underlying processes. Focusing on making sure that the people collecting information are effectively engaged in the outcomes of their efforts. Making effective use of the information is an important element of that ambition. So please reach out to me, if you have any opportunities or questions on which you would seek collaboration.

Although my experience and background has largely been in fisheries research and advice, I am open to new challenges and other topics.

Skills: Data Visualization – Data Collection – Data Analysis – Visualization – Stakeholder Engagement – Scientific Advice

Please contact me via the contacts page or LinkedIn.