Currently working on . . .

Data collection and analysis of Flyshoot fishery

Set-up and supervise self-sampling on flyshoot fishing vessels and carry out analysis and reporting on self-sampling data for target species and bycatch. Organize access to historical and ongoing electronic logbook data and carry out analysis and report on trends in catch rates and spatio-temporal dynamics. Create an inventory of available scientific surveys in the North Sea and English Channel and carry out analysis and report on population trends for various target species of the flyshoot fishery. Commissioned by: Jaczon BV, Netherlands

Quality Control and Quality Assurance of Fisheries Data Collection – “Catching Data”

Assessment and advice on Quality Control and Quality Assurance procedures as have been or could be applied in fisheries data collection programs. Reviewing recent experiences and examples and recommending appropriate ways forward. Commissioned by: Sparc Advies, Netherlands.

Some outstanding PFA projects

A number of ongoing activities related to the Pelagic Freezer-trawler Association have been continuing during the beginning of 2023, notably related to the self-sampling activities, with projects related to automated measuring of fish and reporting on research activities in 2022.

Previous projects

Management Strategy Evaluation taking into account density dependent growth

Carrying out Management Strategy Evaluations (MSE) for pelagic stocks (Mackerel, Blue whiting). The MSE’s take into account the potential effects of density-dependence growth, maturity, natural mortality and the combination of those three components.. Commissioned by: University of Copenhagen (Henrik Sparholt)

Projects when working as Chief Science Officer at the Pelagic Freezer-trawler Association

Self-sampling the pelagic fleet

Automated measurement of pelagic fish

Fisheries acoustics from fishing vessels (PelAcoustics)

Automatic identification using acoustics

Gonad research on mackerel and horse mackerel

Genetic research on herring and horse mackerel

Stock assessment and advice (ICES, SPRFMO)